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Master of Architecture + Master of Construction Management (MArch+MCM) joint degree program

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The success of today's built environment depends on the integration of different perspectives into a comprehensive solution. Students who complete the joint degree program are in formation to become master builders by integrating art/design, social factors, and construction management knowledge. 

Broaden your perspective and your education by pursuing a joint degree from the McKelvey School of Engineering's Construction Management Program.

The Master of Architecture + Master of Construction Management (MArch+MCM) joint degree program prepares architectural students for the diverse roles within today's multidisciplinary design and construction process. Architecture students enrolled at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts can earn a MArch +MCM degree in considerably less time than pursuing each degree separately.

From your first course and throughout the program, learn theories combined with real-world applications, strengthening your management acumen, collaborative problem solving, interpersonal communication and leadership competencies. Graduates become leaders and integrators capable of facing the challenges and opportunities in today's built environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Requirements
  • Application (fee waived for current WashU architecture students)
  • Must have been accepted into the Sam Fox School M.Arch degree
  • Unofficial copies of transcripts from each college or university attended
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume/CV
Program Checklist & Course Information

In this joint program, the School of Architecture accepts nine credit units earned in the McKelvey School of Engineering toward the MArch degree. In the same way, the McKelvey School of Engineering accepts nine credit units earned in Architecture toward the MCM degree, as long as the MCM degree is finished at the same time or immediately following the MArch degree. 

Course requirements for the joint Master of Construction Management/ Master of Architecture are available on the degree checklist. Students in the joint degree program work with the program director to create an individualized schedule for completing all requirements. 

Career Outcomes

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View our Alumni page to see how graduates are using the knowledge and skills gained from the Master of Architecture + Master of Construction Management Joint Degree Program in their current careers.