Engineering Management

Engineering Management (part-time, professional)

WashU's MEM: designed for working professionals Part-time, Professional MEM Program Options — In-person, on campus, evening classes — Online, instructor-led, evening classes — Now enrolling for Fall 2024

“Don’t go just for the diploma. There’s so much that can be truly transformative if you engage with the material, your professors and your peers. I learned so much about leadership, management and business, and WashU had the best combination of courses and support.”      —Candace Berry, MEM, 2022

The Sever Institute’s Master of Engineering Management program equips you to lead your organization into the future. Learn from student-centered faculty with engineering management experience to build upon your technical background with hands-on courses in finance, marketing, strategy and business analysis. With a master’s in engineering management, you’ll gain sought-after skills and practical knowledge to see how each decision you make as a leader impacts your organization, its people and the world.

Move your career forward, on your schedule with the part-time Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program from Washington University's Sever Institute. This flexible program is designed to support working professionals with both a part-time evening and on-line format. Advance with the knowledge, leadership and skills needed to understand, shape and lead projects as well as manage teams, engineering functions, and companies.

The MEM qualifies as a STEM program.

New! Now enrolling for our Online MEM option for part-time.


The Master of Engineering Management

Ready to gain a competitive edge in the field of engineering management? Look no further than our master’s in engineering management programs, available both online and on campus. Our programs are designed to enhance your work-life balance, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful engineering leader.


As complex organizations continue to expand, the need for innovative leadership is growing. The master’s in engineering management program prepares students to skillfully blend technical knowledge with business acumen, becoming “full-cycle” engineers who see the bigger picture and make critical decisions based on data and people. Through project-based learning, students develop communication and collaboration skills while solving real-world problems.

Gain the confidence to see the big picture of organizational issues and make decisions based on people and data with a Master of Engineering Management from Washington University in St. Louis.

Why Study Engineering Management?

We designed our Engineering Management program for technical experts who want to become full-cycle engineers. From your first course and throughout the program, you will apply your curriculum to real-world situations, strengthening your management acumen, collaborative problem-solving, interpersonal communication and leadership competencies. With our master’s in engineering management program, you will have the skills and knowledge to question current models and the understanding to bridge technical solutions and the ever-changing business landscape.

Why consider the Master of Engineering Management from the Sever Institute at Washington University in St. Louis?

  • Top-ranked institution: Connect with experienced, engaged industry experts and faculty at a nationally ranked university
  • Innovative engineering management program: Experience an integrative curriculum focusing on today’s most important and complex issues
  • Convenient and flexible: Choose the flexible format that works best for you, including evening and online options to ensure minimal disruption to your work and life

Explore Courses for Our Engineering Management Program

WashU’s Master of Engineering Management degree pairs your technical know-how with industry-essential critical management and business skills. Our courses bring to life the essential functions and capabilities that make a business run. Here, you will learn to set strategy, leverage technology and data analytics, market to customers, interpret and drive finances, make informed data-based decisions, manage projects, and build and lead teams.

Customize your master’s in engineering management education through one of our flexible options:

  • The 30-unit (10-course) master’s in engineering management program is available for full-time or part-time study. Known as the “engineer’s MBA,” this program is designed for students with a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) background.
  • Our 15-unit (five-course) graduate certificate in engineering management is also available and is transferable into the degree program at any time. This program is an excellent option for individuals ready to advance their careers quickly.


MEM courses are available in evening and online formats, and are designed with input from employers, thought leaders and practitioners, and taught by leading professionals from throughout the engineering industry.

Students learn the art and science of the complete business cycle, gaining hands-on experience by running simulated businesses and working on real industry projects. Courses bring to life the essential functions and capabilities that make a business run. Students learn to set strategy, leverage technology and data analytics, market to customers, interpret and drive finances, make informed data-based decisions, manage projects, build teams and lead.

Registration, Tuition Fees & Payment Policies

Qualified veterans: WashU McKelvey School of Engineering and the VA will cover 100 percent of your graduate tuition.

Although certificate programs do not qualify for federal loan programs, loans are still available for the master's degrees. For more information, contact Cindy Fields (

Program Checklists & Course Information

Each of our graduate programs has a unique mix of required coursework and additional electives. Courses are updated regularly to ensure our students are prepared for the latest in industry knowledge and application. Check out the Engineering Management program checklist for both master's and graduate certificate requirements. 

Check out the Online Engineering Management program Checklist here.

All course information, including course descriptions and section listings, can be found in our digital catalog the Bulletin

Meet our faculty

John Bade Director of Strategy Development for Global Services & Support for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

John Bade

  • Program Director, Graduate Studies in Engineering Management
Gary Baker President, Managing Partner at Undivided Wealth Management

Gary Baker

  • Adjunct Instructor
Walter Barnes Driving product development & commercial scale-up of new semiconductor materials at Brewer Science.

Walter Barnes

  • Adjunct Instructor
Habib Chamoun-Nicolas Author, Professor, International Business Development and Negotiations Consultant

Habib Chamoun-Nicolas

  • Adjunct Instructor
Amy Duvall Expertise includes environmental law and entrepreneurship

Amy Duvall

  • Adjunct Instructor
Jay Stanton Goldstein Expertise in Agile, business agility and entrepreneurialism

Jay Stanton Goldstein

  • Adjunct Instructor
David Hunter Project Management Specialist at Boeing for over 38 years.

David Hunter

  • Adjunct Instructor
Jaime Inman Senior Technical Program Manager, Cyber & Intelligence CAS Directory Services at Mastercard

Jaime Inman

  • Adjunct Instructor
Brett Jackson I’ve had the privilege of transforming teams in all areas of engineering, project management, and product management during my 40-year career at Motorola Solutions.

Brett Jackson

  • Adjunct Instructor
Michael Kehoe Professor of Practice in the Sever Institute within the Professional Education Department at Washington University in St. Louis. Engineer, Entrepreneur and Educator.

Michael Kehoe

  • Professor of Practice
Joseph Klaesner Experienced leader in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Matlab, medical devices, life sciences, research and biotech

Joseph Klaesner

  • Adjunct Instructor
Dan Kogan Expert in specialized areas including supply chain design & optimization, business process & system design and data analysis & business modeling

Dan Kogan

  • Adjunct Instructor
Ken Moore High energy, versatile communications leader

Ken Moore

  • Adjunct Instructor
Lethia Owens Personal Branding Strategist (PBS) and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) with 28 years of Leadership, Branding, Marketing and IT Experience. CEO of Game Changers International

Lethia Owens

  • Adjunct Instructor
Brian Schaefer Over 8 years of mathematical optimization and simulation experience in the supply chain and mortgage industries.

Brian Schaefer

  • Adjunct Instructor
Mike Seper Regional Engagement Principal at NSIN - National Security Innovation Network. Dedicated to Advancing Inclusive Innovation.

Mike Seper

  • Adjunct Instructor
Dan Sherman Chief Technology Officer at Moneta Group, ranked by InvestmentNews as the Midwest’s largest independent RIA with more than $20 billion in AUM and 300 employees,

Dan Sherman

  • Adjunct Instructor
Carlton Washburn Expertise includes business strategy and technology, specializes in finding and integrating technology into existing organizations through a variety of mechanisms.

Carlton Washburn

  • Adjunct Instructor
Aryan Weisenfeld Primary Patent Examiner at USPTO

Aryan Weisenfeld

  • Adjunct Instructor
Aaron Wolff As a startup and supply chain senior leader, I love working at the intersection of public and private strategy and innovation.

Aaron Wolff

  • Adjunct Instructor