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Impact and Intent: Using purposeful language to meet the personal needs of others


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Learn the difference between acknowledgement and agreement and how to interact with others during difficult times.  

Careers in Cybersecurity


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Are you interested in a Cybersecurity career? It’s a candidate’s market with demand being extremely high and supply low. It is predicted that in three years there will be 3.5 million vacant cybersecurity positions nationally due to the shortage of security trained cyber professionals.

Careers in Project & Product Management - panel




Hear first-hand -- from a project manager, a product owner and a business analyst -- about their roles, daily experiences and what brings them success.

Top 5 Benefits of Deep Neural Networks Technology Leaders Need to Know



Learn the most important aspects of deep neural networks leaders can use to improve their organization's performance

Introduction to Lean for Healthcare



Learn why the implementation of Lean is vital to the continuous improvement of a healthcare system, the basics of the Lean improvement methodology, and the five key principles of Lean, and how they work in a healthcare environment.

What Does the Built Environment Look Like in the New Normal? - panel





What is Personal Brand and Why is it important




An introduction to what is a personal brand, why it is important, and how to tell your story.


Past Webinars & Lectures:

Cross-Cultural Negotiations


An introduction to the thinking and best practices to reach agreement across varied cultures.

5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Personal Development


Become a better teammate by integrating Patrick Lencioni’s model (from the best-selling book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”) at the individual level.

Leadership of remote teams & projects: Lessons learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Tips and tricks learned from transitioning to virtual, dispersed teams including engagement techniques, communication breakdowns and fixes, and how to identify teamwork problems.


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Cybersecurity Risk Management Essentials



Get smart on the basics of risk-based management of cybersecurity threats, key risk management frameworks, and approaches to governance and policy to safeguard your organization.

ICAgile Certified Professional


10/27-11/19, T/Th from 5-7:40 p.m.

Whether you are new to Agile or an experienced practitioner who recognizes the need to “be” Agile rather than “do” it, this is where your journey begins.

ITIL Foundation

January 2021

Learn the Foundational knowledge and skills for adopting and adapting best practices for ITSM in your organization.

"Leadership Series"...


 January 2021

When you approach communication the way you approach software updates, discussions become more effective, ideas align and production improves. Leadership Development methods focus on this difficult set of people skills, creating leaders who can coach and empower from any level in your organization.

Lean Essentials for Healthcare


Mid-October 2020

Learn the tools necessary to identify and remove waste from a process, sustain the gains made, and improve the operation and safety of your organization