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Academic Advisors

Academic advisors are available to help students begin a graduate program at WashU. Advisors meet with students to discuss the application process and curriculum options that best meet their academic and career goals. Students maintain contact with their academic advisor throughout their program to stay informed about school-wide policies and information needed to successfully complete their degree.

Sever Institute Graduate Offerings: Course Checklists by Program

Each of our graduate programs has a unique mix of required coursework and additional electives. Courses are updated regularly to ensure our students are prepared for the latest in industry knowledge and application. Coursework taken can be tracked through WUachieve, a university-hosted web-based degree audit platform and catalog information can be reviewed in the university Bulletin

Full time graduate programs


Part-time graduate programs



Dual degree graduate programs


Academic Policies

The Sever Institute adheres to the McKelvey School of Engineering Master's program policies, which can be found here in the Bulletin. If you have any questions about a policy, please reach out to your Academic Advisor. 

Intent to Graduate/Commencement

Students who are scheduled to receive degrees or certificates must file an Intent to Graduate form that is located on WebSTAC. Online forms must be completed by semester deadlines. Intentions to Graduate must have met the academic guidelines of a 2.70 GPA or higher. Although students may complete course work and graduate in May, August, or December, the University has one Commencement Ceremony each year in May. There is a separate recognition event held in December, but August and December graduates can also participate in the May Commencement Ceremony.