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Explore our FAQs and learn more about the McKelvey School of Engineering and graduate programs offered through the Sever Institute, where you can earn your master’s degree full time or part-time.

What full time degree programs are offered through the Sever Institute?

The Sever Institute is a long-standing endowed department within the McKelvey School of Engineering that offers two highly selective, full-time graduate programs, Engineering Management (MEM) and Information Systems Management MISM) designed for students preparing for professional practice by leveraging the technical skills developed in an undergraduate engineering STEM program. In addition, the Sever Institute also offers part-time programs for working professions.

Will the diploma I earn be from Washington University?

Yes. Sever is a long-standing endowed department within the School of Engineering offering several full and part-time graduate programs. Degrees earned through the Sever Institute, however, are conferred from Washington University in St. Louis. Diplomas are signed by the administration of Washington University and contain the name and embossed seal of the university.

I'm interested in taking the next steps toward earning my degree from Sever Institute. How can I get started?

Our helpful staff will discuss your short- and long-term career aspirations, answer questions, and guide you through the application process. Prospective students are also encouraged to attend one of our information sessions hosted throughout the year. Each session lasts approximately an hour and includes an introductory welcome, followed by a breakout session by program interest and question and answer session.

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How quickly can I earn my degree? What is the time commitment?

The full-time Engineering Management and Information Systems Management degrees are designed to be completed in 3 semesters. We encourage students to take advantage of all 3 semesters, as it allows more time for professional development, networking, internship and career opportunities, and more!

Our part-time degree programs are specifically designed to benefit working professionals. When you take classes through the Sever Institute, you can work toward your degree at a time and place that fits best with your schedule. The average time to complete a master’s degree part-time is 2-3 years.

What is the tuition rate?

Detailed information on tuition rates is available on our Registration, Tuition Fees & Policies page.

Is financial assistance available?

More information is available on our Financial Assistance for Admitted and Current Graduate Students page. Our Sever Institute admission team can help you explore possible financial options, answer questions, and guide you through the process.

What is the profile of an average Sever Institute student?

We are proud to support a diverse student population at the Sever Institute. Our full-time students are both domestic and international, coming from all around the country and world. Our full-time students bring newly obtained knowledge from institutions around the world, adding beneficial insights to classroom conversations on new innovations and technologies. 

Our part-time students are working adult professionals who are a part of a distinctive and distinguished university community. They manage everyday commitments and responsibilities, balancing work, family and education. Every student brings different life experiences and professional qualifications to their courses, enriching the learning environment for themselves and their peers.

Who teaches at the Sever Institute?

Our faculty members are subject matter experts at the forefront of change in the marketplace. Sever Institute courses are taught by entrepreneurs, CIOs, industry executives, health care leaders and top government officials who share their real-world experience in the classroom.

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