Project Management

Options of Study:
  1. Part-time Master's Degree (30 units, 2.5 years+ to complete)

  2. Graduate Certificate (15 units, 10-15 months to complete)

The newly revised Master of Project Management degree program brings cycles of experiential learning to the study of project management — planning successful projects from inception, fixing a project that is already in trouble, as well as being tasked with a project that is doomed to failure.

Courses taught by industry experts bring to life the key capabilities that make a project manager successful. Students learn how to select and use the most appropriate agile and traditional project management techniques for any project. Students learn to anticipate and manage risks, as well as identify and handle issues at the earliest signs. Students learn to build teams, manage conflict and communicate effectively. Students learn to lead. Leveraging program management best practices, experiential learning and WashU excellence, a WashU masters in Project Management is an unparalleled investment in your future success!

Focus Courses

  • Project Planning Methodologies
  • Hands-On with Traditional Project Management
  • Project Management the Agile Way
  • The Art & Science of Risk Management
  • Strategies of Projects, Programs & Portfolios
  • Human Performance in the Organization
  • Communication Excellence for Influential Leadership