Information Systems Management

Options of Study:
  1. Part-time Master's Degree (30 units, 2.5 years+ to complete)

  2. Full-time Master's Degree (30 units, 1.5 years or 3 semesters to complete)
  3. Graduate Certificate (15 units, 10-15 months to complete)

The Master’s of Information Systems Management graduate program gives you the managerial acumen and technical capability to take your place as an IT leader. Offered through the Sever Institute in the McKelvey School of Engineering, the information systems degree consists of six core courses provides the foundation to understand the essential functions of an IT enterprise including governance, IT architecture and infrastructure, service delivery, data management strategy, risk management and fundamentals of cybersecurity. A wide range of electives in Management, Applied Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Engineering-based courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics allow you to tailor your degree in accordance with your particular interests.

Your degree will elevate your ability provide vision and leadership in an organizational setting, ask the right strategic, operational and tactical questions, solve IT-driven problems, and communicate effectively to non-technical leaders. As important, you’ll also build a lifelong network of IT professionals and become a proud member of the Washington University alumni community.

Focus Courses

  • Operational Excellence & Service Delivery
  • IT Architecture & Infrastructure
  • IT Governance & Risk Management
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Capstone