Engineering Management Curriculum

The 30-unit master of Engineering Management is available for full-time or part-time students. The degree is designed for individuals with an engineering or allied sciences undergraduate degree. Students will learn to understand and operate in the space between business and technology.

The curriculum demystifies the full business cycle – strategy, marketing, finance, accounting, new product development, service, sales, manufacturing. Students study today's emerging and disruptive technologies – what they are and how they threaten to disrupt. The program is rounded out with Agile project management and a study of leadership, as well as broad opportunities for the student to build on his or her undergraduate studies, or to build a new area of technology-business expertise. It is the "Engineer's MBA."

The 15-unit graduate certificate in Engineering Management is also offered and can be transferred into the degree program at any time.

*These courses are required to earn a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management.

Required Courses (7 courses)

  • Engineering Management & Financial Intelligence (T55-504) *
  • Decision-Making & Optimization (T55-505) *
  • Technology Strategy & Marketing (T55-506) *
  • Financial Principles of the Company (T55-507) *
  • Understanding Emerging & Disruptive Technologies (T55-510) *
  • Human Performance in the Organization (T54-583)
  • Project Planning Methodologies (T54-523)

Data Analytics Emphasis (Choose 3)

  • Fundamentals of Information Technology (T81-506)
  • Foundations of Analytics (T81-574)
  • Enterprise Data Management (T81-575)
  • Analytics Applications (T81-576)

Technology Emphasis (Choose 3)

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity (T83-559)
  • The Hacker Mindset: Cyber Attack Fundamentals (T83-567)
  • Programming Concepts & Practice (E81-501N)
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science (E81-502N)

Business & Management Emphasis (Choose 3)

  • Developing Leadership for Professionals (T54-582)
  • Group Dynamics in Project Team Performance (T54-585)
  • Communication Excellence for Influential Leadership (T54-584)
  • CEL Entrepreneur Consulting Team (B63-550X)
  • Negotiation (B66-524)

Project Management & Operational Excellence Emphasis (Choose 3)

  • Hands-On with Traditional Project Management (T54-524)
  • Project Management the Agile Way (T54-525)
  • The Art & Science of Risk Management (T54-526)
  • Strategies of Projects, Programs & Portfolios (T54-527)
  • Facilitation Skills/Change Management (T71-502)
  • Lean Healthcare Concepts, Tools & Lean Management (T71-503)
  • Six Sigma Concepts & Tools (T71-504)
  • Legal Aspects of Construction (T64-572)
  • Fundamentals of Construction Management (T64-573)
  • Construction Cost Estimating (T64-523A)

* These courses are required to earn a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management.

**This program qualifies as a STEM program.

Although certificate programs do not qualify for federal loan programs, loans are still available for the master's degrees. For more information, contact Johanna Sengheiser (