Cybersecurity Management Curriculum

The 36 unit master of cybersecurity management is a part-time program for working professionals with 5+ years of work experience in technology.

A 15 unit graduate certificate in cybersecurity management is also offered and can be transferred into the degree program at any time. This program also offers the option to enroll in up to 9 units in program approved courses with the Olin Business School.

Complete five required courses from the following list:

  • T81-5502 The Art and Science of Risk Management*
  • T81-560 Systematic View of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance*
  • T81-561 View from the Bridge: Leading an Information Security Team*
  • T81-562 Applied Cybersecurity Practices in Cyber Warfare*
  • T81-567 Enterprise Network Security*
  • T81-581B Emerging Technologies and Innovation
  • T81-612 Taking down the cyber-criminal - post-breach incident analysis & investigation

Select three of the following elective courses:

  • T55-524A Executive Perspectives for Technical Professionals
  • T81-556 Advanced Risk Analysis and Response Planning
  • T81-557 Privacy In The Digital Age
  • T81-575 Data Warehousing
  • T81-578 Security Auditing
  • T81-586 Defensive Hacking
  • T81-587 Mobile Security and BYOD
  • T81-588 Cryptography
Complete three of the following business and organizational courses:
  • B63-529 Management and Corporate Responsibility
  • B66-500 Creative Thinking and Leading the Creative Organization
  • B66-524 Negotiation
  • B66-565 Leading Change
  • B67-577 Information Technology and Supply Chain Management
  • T60-502 Financial Principles of the Company
  • T81-584 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

All students in the program are required to take the Capstone Course as their final course in the program.

  • T81-585 Capstone Course

* These courses are required to earn a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management.

Although certificate programs do not qualify for federal loan programs, loans are still available for the master's degrees. For more information, contact Johanna Sengheiser (

Registration, Tuition Fees & Payment Policies

Qualified veterans: WashU School of Engineering & Applied Science and the VA will cover 100 percent of your graduate tuition.