​Cyber Security Management​

Securing your organization's data requires a combination of technical skills, innovative concepts, and managerial acumen. This program is developed with one critical goal: educate professionals on how to secure the information that is key to today’s enterprises.

The curriculum combines nationally recognized faculty from the School of Engineering & Applied Science and the Olin Business School to provide practical knowledge on cyber warfare, cryptography, risk management, network security and more.

The Cyber Security Management area of study offers two program options:
  1. Graduate Certificate (15 units, 10-15 months to complete)

  2. Part-time Master's Degree (36 units, 2.5 years+ to complete)

Focus Courses

  • Systematic View of Cyber Security and Information Assurance
  • Art and Science of Risk Management
  • Enterprise Network Security
  • Applied Cyber Security Practices in Cyber Warfare